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Game amp is a collaboration of artist, parents, students, organizers and social entrepreneurs who seek to improve educational information in practical skills in Art, Theater, Media and Music Production Development and Community - focused education and artistic growth 

About Us


GAME AMP is an educational organization focusing on skills development in literacy and social responsibility for K-College.  We utilize art, theater, media, production, and sustainable community enrichment, as a way to give youth the opportunities to express their creativity. 


 Our educational objective is to provide instruction in various forms of art and cultural expression, as informative and vital tools to encourage environmental, social, emotional, spiritual and, therefore, community sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The objective of GAME AMP projects are to facilitate Skills, Experience, Education, & Development (S.E.E.D) in art, media, music and theatre for our youth and communities. 

The AMP Project exists, as a creative outlet for youth as well as supporting and promoting positive forms of education, expression and up-liftment in our communities.


Community OutReach & Educational programs:

K - 8th :

6th - 12th

Intern/Academic Credit

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Haiti Benefits

Haitian rapper ACTIVIST Haiti Benefits Gives a Never before seen inside look into the Haitian Experience. Haiti Benefits is a true to life. Haitian Artist. 

Alonzo Tafari

"LION OF JUDAH SOCIETY" is a non-profit organization; FAITH to RasTafari


"SOCIEDAD LEON DE JUDA" es una organizacion sin fins de lucro; FIEL a RasTafari 

S○H○F○T ~ The Global Approach to Total Body Wellness

S.H.F.T  The global approach to total body wellness

" Your Success is Our Goal "

We know adapting to new fitness habits is a challenge. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 

Grow The Future ~ Travis McKenzie


The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens inspire action today and plant seeds of hope for tomorrow by cultivating resilience to climate uncertainty through teaching ecological restoration and food production gardening; implementing and evaluating desert-adapted agriculture; unifying the power of innovative technologies with the strength of New Mexico’s diverse cultural heritage; and demonstrating respect and reverence for nature and humanity.

Nikkey E Bfly -Music artist


From the 505 to the 530 student participants are wanted . New MexicaliAyiti